I have iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4 and my keyboard freezes at random times for second. Now it doesn’t show predictive suggestions for the Russian language.

I tried to disable all smart features of keyboard and re-enable them, remove Russian keyboard and add it back, reset keyboard dictionary, reset all content and settings, update to iOS 12 and downgrade via iTunes, restore from iTunes. Now I’m going to restore from DFU, but I’m in desperation.

This is what the problem looks like. In English the predictive bar is normal. But in Russian keyboard there are no words, just three empty spaces.

problem all okay

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DFU restore to iOS 12, than to iOS 11.4 solves problem.

How to do DFU restore: https://help.ifixit.com/article/108-dfu-restore

If you want to install custom downloaded version of iOS (that must be signed by Apple) click "Restore" in iTunes with pressed Alt/Option key (Shift on a PC). Then window with selection of .ipsw file will be appear.

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