Looking at iOS 11 logs using Console.app in High Sierra, I see that many important bits of information are masked like this:

nsurlsessiond   Triggering periodic update to powerlog for client <private>
dasd    Trigger: <private> is now [<private>]
Yelp Reservations Map Extension [19 <private> <private>] start

which makes it hard to see what's really happening. This happens on macOS too, and it can be changed with this command sudo log config --mode 'private_data:on', as described here. How can I enable logging private data on iOS?


There is no single setting that you can change for iOS logging as there is for macOS.

If you are running a beta version of iOS, the private log information seems to be collected, so that is one option.

The other option is to see if there is a profile on this page that covers the logging you need.

Once you install the relevant profile you will see the previously <private> information appearing in the iOS console log.

In my case I was able to use the "Baseband" profile to enable caller id logging while working on a CallKit extension.

To disable the private logging you simply remove the profile from general settings on the device.

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