Im not able to open youtube.com in Google Chrome browser v. 65.x. While I can open all other website. I tried opening youtube in Firefox, Safari it works fine. Im using MACOSX 10.12.6.

I get following error

Error parsing header X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block; report=https://www.google.com/appserve/security-bugs/log/youtube: insecure reporting URL for secure page at character position 22. The default protections will be applied.


enter image description here

------------------ ^_- Even Im not able to update my Chrome. enter image description here

I have even uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. still same issue

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    Hi. Sometimes a network error is just a network error. You’ve got quite a few resets of css. If you make a new user account, can you get the same exact failures in console? (This presumes you can’t refresh and resolve the .js and .css failure to load errors.) – bmike Jun 10 '18 at 18:05
  • i cleared application storage from Dev tools, still same. – STEEL Jun 11 '18 at 6:37
  • the funniest thing is if I use Dev Tools to emulate mobile view, youtube works. i.imgur.com/4WEtx6Z.png – STEEL Jun 12 '18 at 4:00
  • Are you using a custom DNS, which might re route Youtube to localhost or something ? Try checking aswell your etc/hosts file, it takes precedence on the DNS. – Jean Rostan Jun 12 '18 at 13:39
  • @STEEL if emulating mobile view fixes it, you might just have a bug in the server side code detect - YouTube serves up different code and behavior and they need to fix things... – bmike Jun 12 '18 at 16:57

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