I got a problem with using the Touch ID to unlock my MacBook Pro 15" running macOS High Sierra. Whenever I lock my screen by clicking the → Lock Screen (or Control + Command + q), Mac locks me out and shows me a password window.

You must enter a password to unlock the screen.

I cannot use Touch ID to unlock it, I have to click the Switch User button, then go to the normal Login screen, and then I can use Touch ID to unlock it.

Touch ID or Enter Password

But my colleague, sees the normal Login screen always when he locks the screen on his MacBook.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

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I managed to fix my issue regarding the Lock Screen.

I have OpenSC and mPollux Digisign clients installed on my MacBook Pro.

OpenSC was installed for logging into macOS with Smart Card and mPollux was installed for ID authentication.

I uninstalled both of them. Now when I lock the screen, I have the normal Lock Screen back, and can use Touch ID to unlock it. But I don't know which application affected it.

enter image description here


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