I've upgraded to macOS High Sierra from OS X El Capitan and most of my custom app shortcuts now appear as .... When editing, it becomes a tiny input box, though the menu items are still there unchanged.

How do I recover the lost description text for them?

enter image description here enter image description here

  • If you add a new app shortcut does the issue arise with the new item? – JBis Jun 8 '18 at 4:30
  • Second one of these in a few days - apple.stackexchange.com/questions/327171/… - no answers on the other yet. – Tetsujin Jun 8 '18 at 5:50
  • @Josh I tried but later I open Sys Prefs it's roll back to "..." again. – Davin Jun 8 '18 at 11:52
  • Is it the same thing on other users? – JBis Jun 8 '18 at 14:04

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