I have found several articles that claim you can access and even alter files of your apps from your iPhone that are stored in the iCloud without jailbreaking the iPhone. A given example article is for the game Final Fantasy IX that allows you to save and load to and from the iCloud: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377840/discussions/0/142260895144577747/

I wanted to try this, but it's not working. It's not working for any app, to sum it up. Here are the steps that I did:

I enabled iCloud in my iPhone and uploaded the save game within the game. To make sure everything is uploaded properly, I went to System Preferences > iCloud > Manage on my MacBook:

System Preferences > iCloud > Manage

I can even see there is a stored save game file when I go Preferences > My Name > iCloud > Manage Storage > FINAL FANTASY IX > FF9_SaveDocument on my iPhone:

Preferences > My Name > iCloud > Manage Storage > FINAL FANTASY IX > FF9_SaveDocument

Now I opened the terminal in Mac OSX:

marty@MettBook:~$ cd Library
marty@MettBook:~/Library$ cd "Mobile Documents"/
marty@MettBook:~/Library/Mobile Documents$ cd iCloud~com~square-enix~final-fantasy-ix-ww/
marty@MettBook:~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~square-enix~final-fantasy-ix-ww$ ls
marty@MettBook:~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~square-enix~final-fantasy-ix-ww$ cd Documents
marty@MettBook:~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~square-enix~final-fantasy-ix-ww/Documents$ ls
marty@MettBook:~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~square-enix~final-fantasy-ix-ww/Documents$ 

I inspected some other folders, too. It seems I can see no contents of any folder in ~/Library/Mobile Documents/. How can I access and change those files, so they are uploaded to the iCloud, again.

For some further background: The uploaded save game of FF9 is compatible with the desktop port of the game. I'd like to play it on desktop and mobile with the same save game.

  • If you go to iCloud Drive on your Mac, can you see folders for iOS apps (e.g. Pages) mixed in with your own folders? It might be in one of those. – SilverWolf Sep 24 '18 at 21:57

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