I've been working on an Ubuntu 16.04 server that has LDAPv3 active via OpenLDAP, my client machines are all macOS from El Capitan upto High Sierra.

On the server I have the samba schema implemented, along with the apple schema implemented:

serveradmin@Magic:~$ sudo ldapsearch -Q -LLL -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -b cn=schema,cn=config dn
dn: cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={0}core,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={1}cosine,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={2}nis,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={3}inetorgperson,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={4}ppolicy,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={5}samba,cn=schema,cn=config
dn: cn={6}apple,cn=schema,cn=config

On my client machine I am able to connect to the LDAPv3 server from the Directory Utility by changing the connection type to RFC2307 and editing the base to be ou=People,dc=salty,dc=domain,dc=com. I can see my users in the Directory Editor:

enter image description here

I can connect to my file share over smb://<IP>. However, when I try to log in as one of my users it will not allow me to log in. The log files show something like the following:

<DATE> <TIME> CDT - AID 0x000..26 93.7657.7246, Node: /LDAPv3/, Module ldap __odnode_copy_record_block_invoke: 4101: No predicates provided


<DATE> <TIME> CDT - AID 0x000..1042 394.3858, Node: /LDAPv3/, Module: ldap - failed to retrieve password for credential

No matter what I do it seems like I keep getting the same error message. What is causing this problem, and how can I fix it?


Dunno if this helps...

in order to get it to work with Mac OSX client you need to add these 2 lines in your smb.conf file (/etc/samba/smb.conf): ea support = yes vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr

src: enter link description here

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  • My Samba share works, it's the ldap server that doesn't work – CertifcateJunky Jun 8 '18 at 13:23

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