For some reason I have some files on a Drobo5N, which is a NAS, that were copied over from my Mac. They have a filename issue:


That filename structure messes with all of the Linux commands that would deal with said file, including rm, cp and mv. So I'm not sure what to do. I'm using the terminal as well as the Mac GUI.

Any ideas how I can delete these files? I don't have sudo access.


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    If you’re using a GUI, can you not right click (control+click) and press “move to trash”? – NoahL May 31 '18 at 15:32
  • @NoahL It's the very same underlying unix command. The file syntax confuses the bash command, so there is no file to move, according to the OS. Hence the issue. – Rich_F May 31 '18 at 16:05
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    Ah gahhh that’s annoying – NoahL May 31 '18 at 16:16
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    Try deleting or renaming the files by enclosing them in quotes: rm "alpha:bravo:charie.txt" or mv "alpha:bravo:charie.txt". This page at Indiana University has a slew of other suggestions. – IconDaemon May 31 '18 at 16:18
  • @IconDaemon Was a great idea, which got me into trying some escaping, but none of them worked, even a move. – Rich_F May 31 '18 at 16:23

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