Question says it all, I'm very confused and this doesn't make sense to me.

I power on my computer, put in my password, and it works just fine.

I leave my computer, the screens turn off after a while. I come back, put in my password, it works fine.

I leave my computer for a long time, the computer goes to sleep. I come back, put in my password, computer freezes for a bit then returns "Invalid password"

I hard reset my computer, it boots, I put in my password, it works fine.

I've never encountered something like this before. I'm running OSX Sierra on a Mac Pro. I don't have too many weird things installed, though I do web development, so I have some utilities installed via homebrew, nothing that's a service.

Any ideas what's causing this? I'm stumped. It started happening about 2 weeks ago, but I don't remember installing any updates or anything else that might have triggered it.

  • Have you tried First Aid on your startup disk in Disk Utility? – JBis May 31 '18 at 1:22

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