Numbers has the ability to pull in prices for various stocks and currencies. However, I am after the ability for it to pull in prices for various cryptocurrencies, not just BTC, such as Cryptofinance does for Google Sheets.

As Numbers doesn't currently offer that functionality, my question is: Does Numbers support the ability to be extended with plugins? Such that one can create/use custom-made formulas/functions.

It seems all the major competitors to Numbers offer such functionality:

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According to this outdated post the answer is no. I also doubt Apple would add this feature.

There is no "plug-in" architecture yet for Numbers. the '09 version does have some basic scripting ability it looks like. But I haven't gotten it to work yet. Waiting for someone that knows more than me to post some examples.

You can make a feature request here

Although not plugins per se, Numbers (and the entire iWork suite) does have a library for AppleScript.

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