I upgraded to my iPhone and Watch (iOS and watchOS 11.4, respectively). I've already had iMessages turned on and have been using it for years.

I enabled iCloud Messages on the iPhone but the Messages on my Watch kept showing a green bubble from my blue bubble people.

I went to this Apple page to ensure I was turning iCloud Messages on correctly and I verified my iPhone settings were correct.

The problem is with the Mac. There's no iCloud Messages checkbox available in Messages -> Preferences -> Accounts. I verified the macOS update was successful and I didn't get any error messages during the upgrade.

Is it just me (others can see the iCloud Messages checkbox) or has it not rolled-out to everyone yet? Do I need to be more patient and wait for the feature to become available?


According to this site, Apple didn't push out macOS 10.13.5 yet. That's why I don't have the option in Messages.

I got a Mac update today and I thought it included iCloud Messages. It turns out that it was just an iTunes update.

We'll have to wait a little long to get iCloud Messages on our Macs.

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10.13.5 out now and solved this problem.

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