I installed a brand new 10.13 a few days ago. I downloaded it from the App Store and I installed all updates. I'm runnning Safari Version 11.1 (13605.

Somehow I managed to log into Google, but I can't log into any other website. Safari does the following when entering text into password fields – on every other webpage except for Google:

  • the first character is entered
  • after that, it looks like the last character is removed after keyup
  • this happens when using the internal or an external keyboard

Normal fields like text, textarea etc. work fine, though.

Here's a gif showing the problem – no Backspace or Shift+Del is pressed. This happens just in Safari – Chrome and Firefox work fine:

enter image description here

I have the following settings:

  • autofill: don't store passwords and credit card information
  • no extensions are installed
  • Adobe Acrobat plug-in is installed

I tried to change the settings and to disable the Arcobat plug-in, but nothing changed.

It seems that macOS’ autocorrection kicks in. I noticed this behavior in a password-field that could be switched to plaintext: Characters get replaced with emojis. For example:


… was turned into:

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Finally I got the answer to this annoying problem. I had a configuration in System Preferences / Keyboard / Text to replace 3 big dots ••• with this character: ∴ So every time I typed passwords in Safari, the last 3 characters of the password were replaced with this one ∴ but represented as another big dot since it's a password field. I deleted the substitution configuration and the problem was solved.

System Preferences / Keyboard / Text

  • Ooooh boy, thank you - that solved it. :D
    – lampshade
    Commented Nov 21, 2019 at 9:51

I assumed you checked your accessibility and keyboard preferences. I have had numerous issues with keyboard setting being modified/added during the updates. sticky keys and other settings were modified that I wasn't aware of...I had to start using the manual keyboard viewer until I was able to get it fixed...

Valid XHTML.

only other thingi I can think of is trying on an alternate or guest login to see if you have the same problem on a clean user.

I know I am still struggling with my fare share of HSierra simple glitches but I hope you can get this one solved! Good luck!


Have you tried erasing history from all time and also going to

Safari > system preferences > security > erase all website data

Let the website data screen load a second or two it can delay on bringing up the list. Deleting this will NOT delete any personal or saved information.

Then hold Command+Option+Esc click “force quit” safari.

I would then shut down my computer restart it and see if that works.enter image description here

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately, this didn't do the trick. The problem is still there.
    – lampshade
    Commented May 29, 2018 at 7:25

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