The post below from 2011 gave a really good script for pasting unformatted text into Word for Mac.

How can one create a shortcut for pasting unformatted text in Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac?

I'm a student, using this to help with quoting in essays, but I have no experience writing apple script. I've found a few scripts that wrap selected text in " marks (e.g. https://www.macworld.com/article/2038095/5-automator-workflows-everyone-should-have.html ) but have no idea how they could be integrated with the first script so that the unformatted text that is pasted has " marks wrapped around it.

Is that something someone could help with?


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Take the first script and add a line to it to integrate it, like so:

    set theClip to Unicode text of (the clipboard as record)
    --add this line to the original script
    set theClip to "\"" & theClip & "\""
    tell application "Microsoft Word" to tell selection to type text text theClip
end try

That should do it.

  • Perfect, thanks so much; it makes a surprising difference to the fiddliness of note-taking at the literature review stage!
    – hazb0
    May 27, 2018 at 14:49

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