I want to buy the AirPods but I only have an Android phone.

The functions that would be ideal:

  • Stereo and mono sound works like iOS when you take one AirPod out and charge it and then put both AirPods back in your ears.
  • Tap function - is there no / some / complete parity with iOS tap features
  • Voice assistant - is there no / some / complete parity with Hey Siri and tap / manual Siri voice commands

Basically, how feature compatible is the Android OS and hardware with AirPod features beyond simple Bluetooth microphone and headphone function?

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    Looking to see if we have a canonical question that answers some specific details that I’ll add here. apple.stackexchange.com/questions/324311 Forgive the feature edit - if you only have one of these narrow feature requests - please roll back or revise my edits. We can ask a different canonical question to cover the bases on a new thread. – bmike May 25 '18 at 13:12

They work like standard BT headsets for music and calls. Mono is played on both ears. Haven’t seen any usable tap/click functionality on non-apple devices, no voice assistant either. That last one is probably because Siri initial processing is mostly on-device, which other platforms don’t have.

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Apple's Airpods are standard bluetooth headphones and (from what I have seen online) should work fine with most modern Android-based phones.

A simple search online for:

apple airpods "android"

Will yield a number of helpful results

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  • Asking me to Google something goes against the StackExchange spirit :) – JonathanReez May 25 '18 at 13:36

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