I try to connect an iPad (iOS 11.3.1) to a WiFi network which uses EAP-TLS. There is no way to specify EAP-TLS mode because of the lack of the certificate, so I need to import the certificate first.

I copied the client certificate to the device, and now, I want to install it. According to a few websites I checked, it seems to be easy:

Open the certificate file on the device. IOS will recognise the file as a certificate file, and begin the import process. Tap install.


All Apple iPads and iPhones support PKCS1-formatted X.509 certificates, stored in files ending with .crt, .cer, .pem or .der.


However, I'm clueless as what exactly I should do once I downloaded the certificate file on the tablet. It allows me to do a bunch of actions such as store it in Google Drive, but there is nothing which could look like an import tool, and it doesn't look like the device recognized the PEM file.

What should I do to make the device recognize PEM certificates?

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