I just bought my first Macbook today (long time Windows user) but I am running into issues loading in the .OVA of Rapid 7's "Hackazon" vulnerable web app into VirtualBox and getting a bridged connection so that I can scan it and connect to it. I know there are lots of these questions that have been posted about networking with VMs in other forms, but I have followed all of the suggestions from a dozen pages and nothing seems to work, and I would really like to not regret buying this machine.

Here is my setup:

VirtualBox Settings Screenshot: VirtualBox Settings Screenshot

Screenshot of error on VM load Screenshot of the error that I get when the VM loads

Screenshot of ifconfig on the VM Screenshot if ifconfig output of the VM

Since this is a brand new machine, are there any Mac permissions networking configurations that I should be aware of? Am I missing something dumb? This generally worked when I used VMs in the past on Windows.

Thanks in advance!

  • Try changing your adapter type from Intel to PC-net.
    – Allan
    May 23, 2018 at 4:03

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Huh--strange! So it turns out that it was something with that particular .ova file. I just downloaded Ubuntu and it was able to bridge no problem. I guess that's something that I need to report to Rapid7.

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