I'm having a very strange issue with a recent sale I completed this afternoon for an iPhone 8 Plus.

I had turned off Find My iPhone and wiped the device a week and a half ago, and this afternoon I sold the device in person to someone on FB marketplace. An hour later he contacted me saying he's having issues activating it at the Boost Mobile store and sends a photo of the device with an activation lock screen. It's showing that it's linked to a p*****@icloud.com account.

However, I had been using this iPhone with a B******@gmail.com address for my Apple ID. I'm not the first owner of the iPhone, but I definitely had been using it with iCloud and it had shown up under My Devices in my Apple Account. The iPhone has some very noticeable scratches on the rear case, so it's not like the seller could easily pull a switch-a-roo with me.

I did forget to clear it from my device list so I did that when chatting with the buyer over Messenger, but when I talked with Apple Tech support they said all that matters would be Find My iPhone for Activation Lock.

Any idea what's going on here?

I bought the device used on Swappa but my sale receipt does not show the IMEI number that Apple would require to remove an Activation Lock.

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