Ive recently noticed that from one of my keynote presentations it creates a ".spin" log whenever i close the presentations without saving or view previous versions of the presentation with the 'Revert to' option. I believe this is due to two things: the spinning wheel showing up before it closes(as it is a large presentation and could take about 3-4 seconds to revert changes) and/or when i go to view previous versions of the presentation sometimes the spinning beachball could briefly appear.

While looking in the Console app i saw the "Keynote. . .Macbook-Air.spin" logs and under 'Data Source' it displayed "Stackshots". Ive tried researching on what a stackshot is but came up short.

I am using MacOS 10.13.4 High Sierra.

What exactly is a stackshot? What are ".spin" logs and are they correlated to the spinning beachball?

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