My MacBook (2016 with TouchBar) running macOS 10.13 has a 512GB SSD. Looking at the activity monitor after a couple of weeks of uptime (most of it spent in standby), kernel_task shows 1.43TB (!) of bytes written to disk right now:

Screenshot of activity monitor

What is wrong here - how can I diagnose why kernel_task is writing so much data to the disk? (This happens all the time after each reboot).

Memory pressure is still "green" most of the time. Running out of space is also not an issue so most of the data seems to be "temporary".

However, I am a bit worried about my SSD - writing 25 TB per year (in addition to the "regular" workload) does not seem to be a good idea...

Any ideas?

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    Pro Tip: Cmd/Shift/4 for screen capture... tap Spacebar, the cursor changes to a camera icon & will capture any window you click, complete with nice drop-shadow. – Tetsujin May 18 '18 at 12:14

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