I purchased my iPhone X in Japan, and I'm now in China. While staying in China, I dropped my iPhone X and the screen is cracked.

Now I want to purchase Apple Care, if it is possible, to get the replacement of my iPhone X. But the problem is that the country I purchased my iPhone and where I live now are different, and also usually, I could not get the repair service in a foreign country; when I asked a staff in China before the screen is cracked whether I could get my iPhone changed since the screen is so slow to respond, they answered that although the repair is possible (with charge), it is not possible to change the iPhone, since the model is different depending on countries.

I also asked a staff at one branch of Chinese Apple Store, and they said the repair on the screen cracking is done via replacing the iPhone. It costs 4,588 RMB.

I'm fine with losing my Japanese version of iPhone and instead getting Chinese version, especially because the Japanese iPhone has a shutter sound on camera. But is it possible to join the Apple Care support after my iPhone is cracked, in order to get the replacement, even in a foreign country?

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