I've tried to install Octave using homebrew by using this command: brew install octave. But after make sign, I got stuck and nothing happened more than a half hour.

➜  ~ brew install octave
==> Installing dependencies for octave: gcc, veclibfort, arpack, jpeg, libtiff, little-cms2, ghostscript, epstool, fftw, cmake, jasper, netpbm, fig2dev, fltk, freetype, fontconfig, gl2ps, glpk, webp, gd, lua, gnuplot, graphicsmagick, szip, hdf5, flac, libogg, libvorbis, libsndfile, pcre, portaudio, plotutils, xz, imagemagick, pstoedit, qhull, qrupdate, metis, suite-sparse
==> Installing octave dependency: gcc
==> Downloading https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gcc/gcc-8.1.0/gcc-8
Already downloaded: /Users/asrulsibaoel/Library/Caches/Homebrew/gcc-8.1.0.tar.xz
==> ../configure --build=x86_64-apple-darwin17.4.0 --prefix
==> make

How can I solve this?


The installation appears to be waiting on installing gcc. Take the following measures one by one.

  1. If the installation is still stuck at make, cancel it by pressing Control + c.

  2. Enter brew cleanup --prune=0 to clear the local cache.

  3. Enter brew update followed by brew upgrade to update the local cache of package repository.

  4. Run brew config and check the output corresponding to CLT: key. It should shaw the version of installed Command Line Tools. If it says NA, install Command Line Tools by executing xcode-select --install.

  5. Once Command Line Tools are done installing, confirm by observing the output of brew config.

  6. Reattempt installation of Octave by running brew install octave.

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I found Octave.app when searching for resolution to problems related to the homebrew installation of octave on High Sierra.

The Octave.app has at macOS based testing suite. And when needed, has even applied patches to address upstream code issues.

Octave.app is based on the homebrew build, just with the value add of macOS specific testing, bundling, … and patching.

Indeed, Octave.app even had fixed the very Qt issue(s?) that appeared to be causing problems with the homebrew release in my case. Since Octave.app patched the upstream Qt issues which Homebrew had not, I unlinked the homebrew version and installed Octave.app.

# if octave exists from either regular Homebrew or dpo/openblas formulae 
brew unlink octave

Octave.app launches OK in GUI mode. Octave.app installs from a dmg. Thus, neither Homebrew nor MacPorts are required.

I also added the following to the bash profile:

### Octave ###
### http://octave-app.org/
alias octave="open -a \"Octave\""
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