I purchased the 15 inch MacBook Pro that costs $1999 on Apple's website a couple of weeks ago. I believe this is the 2015 model, and it does not have a touchbar.

I have been using the laptop itself for a while, and I'm ready to get a dual monitor setup for productivity purposes. I specifically wanted a monitor that would be very similar to the retina quality of the laptop's screen, so I went for the most pixel dense option I could find under $500, and this meant going for a 24 inch 4k. I picked the Dell P2415Q.

First and foremost, will I have any issues running this monitor at 60hz? Second, how could I go about using two of these at 60hz? If I like this one, I'm going to order a second one.

Thanks in advance for your help. I just switched to Mac after years of using Windows/Linux on a 5k gaming PC I built four years ago, so I'm not used to having to consider these sorts of questions.


You should be able to run two 4K monitors at 60hz. However, you'll probably be stuck at 30hz if you are using HDMi. If it is in fact a 2015 MBP, there should be a few thunderbolt 2 ports. I'd suggest using a mini display port -> display port cable that supports Display Port 1.2 and thunderbolt 2. Something like this should do the job. Also, since I don't know the exact model you have, I'd hold off on buying the second monitor until you know what your MBP is fully capable of.

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