I am tempted to install XtraFinder on my mac because of all the features it provides but am worried that it may leave my system vulnerable to a security breach.

The installation dialog box says the following

OS X 10.11 and later users should read about System Integrity Protection before installing.

I went to the link provided (System Integrity Protection):

You need to partially disable System Integrity Protection. I do not encourage you to disable System Integrity Protection. It makes your computer less safe.

The warning is something to do with code injection into Finder.

  • Does this mean that only XtraFinder is allowed to inject into Finder?
  • Will this allow some other code to wreak havoc on my system?
  • Will installing XtraFinder make my system vulnerable?
  • I guess the question is will the command csrutil enable - -without debug create any holes related to security. – A j May 13 '18 at 20:52
  • Yes it will. Disabling SIP is global, so any application can inject code into Finder, modify system files etc. while SIP is disabled. – nohillside Aug 2 '18 at 8:23

Go ahead and follow the directions. When you finish, re-enable System Integrity Protection and restart.

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