Does anyone know if there is a way I can start a bullet point list in the updated Notes app that comes with the MacOS with a keyboard shortcut that looks

  1. like this

  • or this

I use the app in class a lot because I like the snappy UI and, would like to add them quicker to improve my workflow. I know that in Microsoft Word the shortcuts would be..

a. Start a bullet point list * then tab

b. Insert a LISTNUM ⌘ + ⌥ + shift + L Microsoft Support

c. Most times ⌥ + 8 can be used to insert a bullet too Discussion Shortcut Insert bullet

⌘ + shift + L gives me a pretty button list but not just a plain old list. My guess is that this link contains all shortcuts and for a simple

  • bullet point

I'll have to do it manually.

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Opt ⌥ 8 at the start of a new line will generate a bullet list.

Adding further new lines will add more bullets, until you add 2 new lines, then it will revert to 'plain'

Same for a numbered list, but start new line 1. then space

enter image description here


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