i create a little app using Script Editor and exported to .app file. now im trying to change the icon to a custom .icns file. the icns file was converted from a png using this website. also tried using this website.

after copying the icns to Contents/Resources/applet.icns and modifying the below lines of the Info.plist:


also tried Contents/Resources/customFilename.icns and Contents/Resources/customFilename:


the .app icon doesnt change. im sure the files are in .icns format. how can i debug and figure out why the .app isnt taking the .icns's?

App made in Applescript Icon wont change


No image conversion was necessary. In Finder.app, just (control + click) on the file that you want to change its icon, and choose the "Get info" command. Next, just drag your icon file from Finder, directly onto the actual icon image in the get info window you previously opened... Then you're good to go

enter image description here

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