I have been using Time Machine on 10.9.5 for a long time now, and it was working flawlessly until today.

This morning a friend of mine tried to access a freshly set up NFS share of my Music folder, but couldn't read any files due to their permissions.

So I went ahead and ran chmod -R 755 ./* on the whole Music folder, which is roughly 600 GB in size.

And so, now it wouldn't backup at all, telling me this:


The error message keeps on appearing, altering across my two backup disks, none of which obviously have the required 600 GB of space.

Is there any way I could tell it to ignore permissions on that specific folder, or somehow retrieve the permissions without restoring the whole folder from the last backup?

Many thanks in advance.

  • So I had to go ahead and put back all the permissions like so (FISH shell): for i in ~/Music/** chown (stat -f%u:%g "/Volumes/.../Backups.backupdb/.../.../Macintosh HD/Users/.../Music/$i") "~/Music/$i" chmod (stat -f%Mp%Lp "/Volumes/.../Backups.backupdb/.../.../Macintosh HD/Users/.../Music/$i") "~/Music/$i" end After that the tmutil compare shows a change that's more like it: ------------------------------------- Added: 901.8M Removed: 989.0M Changed: 1.4G However the problem is still present, why?
    – akasaka
    May 14, 2018 at 8:04

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In the end I just had to erase my time machine disks and start from scratch. It seems to work fine now, but this is not how it should have worked.

So I would be looking into moving from Time Machine in favor of something more reliable and avoiding TM further at all costs.

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