Is there a way to disable (or significantly lengthen the time required for) key repeat for a specific key in macOS? I know that from System Preferences, Keyboard, it is possible to change settings for key repeat in general, uniformly across all keys.

But I only want to disable it for spacebar (alternatively, I'd be happy disabling it for everything else but enabling it for arrow keys and delete, I suppose).

Something's gone wonky with my spacebar on my four month old Macbook Pro, I 'm not sure what, but I am frequently getting accidental two spaces instead of just one, and it is driving me nuts. Hardware seems an expensive pain to fix, if it is indeed a hardware problem, and just disabling the key repeat for spacebar will probably fix my problem fine in software, if it is possible to do so.

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    Ah, nevermind, I don't think this will fix my problem; I think the key is mistakenly signalling as though pressed twice, not as though held down. Damn this butterfly keyboard. – Sridhar Ramesh May 12 '18 at 0:17

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