I have a meeting every day at 10 am. At some point I clicked a link to add a reoccurring task to my calendar. Now every single day 10 minutes prior, Mail opens and I see an alert about the meeting.

This is annoying for 2 reasons. First, I always know the meeting is happening. Second, I am not using Mail for my email client, which means it then tries to make me run through the New Account setup every day.

How can I remove this task from my Calendar? All I can find is a way to Decline a specific day, but not delete the reoccurring task.

  • Which calendar client are you using? iCal? Nov 29, 2011 at 16:22

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Deleting the task doesn't prompt you to delete all the other events?

Can't you just remove the mail reminder? Set it from Email to None.

enter image description here

iCal should then just prompt you if you want to update all the recurring tasks.

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