The below is my macOS version with basic capabilities :

enter image description here

While developing my apps, my Mac often shows great memory usage and swaps. These makes my Mac running and building apps slowly.

I would like to find out the ways to increase my SSD capacities and RAM . Would you please tell me how can I upgrade my RAM and SSD?

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The RAM is soldered on so it is not upgradeable.

The SSD CAN be upgraded, with a standard PCIe M.2 drive if you buy an internal adapter ($2-3 on ebay) since Apple added compatibility for the new M2 Drives with High Sierra. They are much cheaper and have faster read/write speeds than the originals. OR there are some standard SSDs like this one you can buy if you don’t want to use an adapter: https://www.ifixit.com/Store/Mac/MacBook-Pro-13-Inch-and-15-Inch-Retina-Late-2013-Mid-2014-SSD/IF123-026-5

Just search for „MacBook Pro Late 2013 SSD“ on Google/eBay/Amazon and you will get some more results.


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