My fourth-gen iPod Nano has very recently started to completely lose its charge when I'm outdoors (currently it's a bit colder here, about 10°C / 50°F).

Indoors, or when it's warmer, it still manages a relatively reasonable music playback time of about 10 hrs. Is there anything I can do except contact Apple about a battery replacement? (The iPod is no longer under warranty and I want to avoid the 59 currency unit fee.)

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The temperature you describe is not cold enough to affect battery functions too much. It’s within the operating temperatures and it shouldn’t happen. Take a look at the temperature charts in the Apple iPod Battery page and if it doesn’t perform as expected, contact them immediately.

UPDATE: If the iPod is not under warranty, you’re pretty much “hosed”, however, you can attempt a manual battery replacement. This google query is a good starting point.

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