On Ubuntu, I use VLC to play all types of videos. Now I have a MacBook Air I bought in 2017 with macOS High Sierra. I tried to play an AVI file, but QuickTime does not recognize the format. There is no other app it offers in Applications. So I tried searching for VLC on the App Store but unable to find it.

How can I play AVI videos, which QuickTime does not recognize on macOS? Why isn't VLC on the App Store?

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VLC for macOS is available and is regularly updated, just like VLC for Ubuntu. If you can play a file using VLC in Ubuntu, it can also be played by VLC on macOS.

You can download VLC for macOS here.

Clicking the download button will download a .dmg file in Downloads folder in Finder. To install VLC, simply double-click the .dmg file. A DMG file is identified as Apple Disk Image in macOS and is mounted as a volume in Finder. To install VLC simply copy VLC.app by dragging it into the /Applications directory.

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Alternatively, if you have Homebrew setup (a popular package manager for macOS), you can install VLC using Homebrew Cask by running:

brew cask install vlc

VLC for macOS is not distributed via Mac App Store. Unlike iOS App Store, Mac App Store isn't the only option to install apps in macOS. A lot of developers choose to distribute their apps independently.

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