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I found this article:


According to changing between multiple opened documents in LibreOffice and Chrome.

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But I was testing in macOS Sierra with Spanish Keyboard and was not Working on LibreOffice and Chrome.

Here the video of my result testing: https://youtu.be/1oz0OlNmw2E

With this answer: How do I change the selection in BBEdit's Currently Open Document pane with the keyboard?

Is not working.

Where I Can set a new Key combination alternative (different to WITCH)?

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    Please describe what you are trying to do here and link to external sites for references. It's not practical to leave AD to find out what you are attempting to do/ask. – Allan Apr 25 '18 at 2:10
  • @Allan check now. – chepe lucho Apr 25 '18 at 5:10
  • Hello. The problem with the link at the top (from idownloadblog) is that they say you should press Cmd+~ (tilde), when that key of the US keyboard is not actually called "tilde". It's the "backtick" key, because that's its actual character when NOT used in conjunction with the Shift or Alt keys. So knowing that you should look for the backtick character in the Spanish keyboard and not the tilde, now you know the key combination to switch between app documents in the Spanish keyboard is Cmd+^`[ (the key next to the letter P, which is the actual backtick key in the Spanish keyboard). – OMA Apr 5 at 11:27
  • BTW, I don't like how the moderators marked this question as "duplicate" when the linked question which supposedly had the answer this user was looking for didn't actually answer his question. He was asking for the shortcut in the SPANISH keyboard, and that question didn't have the answer for that, until now that I've recently added the answer there, but back in April 25th 2018 when this question was marked as duplicate, the other question didn't contain the answer, so this was incorrectly marked, while preventing any actual answer to be added here (I couldn't find the "Answer" button here) – OMA Apr 5 at 11:29

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