Where can I set (or reset) the default Window Size for an MS Office Document?

I'm on OSX High Sierra using Office 2016, and when I open a Word or Excel file from Finder, it opens on a small window, less than 25% of screen size. I can easily resize it, but if I close it and reopen, it opens small again.

I've found answers that involve editing the default template (.dot), but this seems to apply only to new documents. I want to change the windows size for any document.


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  • Office 2016. Added that info to the original question to clarify. Thanks. – Pablo Alsina May 17 '18 at 18:37

Try this...open Word, open a new document, size it the way you want it, then Quit Word. When you re-start Word, documents should open in the size you last set on Quit.

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