I use iTunes on MacOS and Windows and the Podcasts app on iOS to listen to podcasts. Ever since they re-designed the iOS app, everything it's a mess and nothing works as expected: for example, there's no "mark as played" option in the iOS app, but there is one in iTunes.

But the most agravating issue is that the playback status and listened state will no longer sync between iOS app and iTunes. Oddly enough it works as expected between the Windows and MacOS iTunes instances (if I mark an episode as played in Windows is immediately marked the same in MacOS), but not for the iOS app (when I finish an episode it's marked as played in the iOS app but no update in iTunes).

What I've tried:

  • reinstalling iTunes in Windows - no effect
  • reinstalling the Pocasts app in iOS - no effect
  • reset podcast identifier - no effect

Any idea how to fix this and get sync to work again?


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