I use FocusMe for productivity reasons and such. The software works quite well, especially since my roommate agreed to create and safeguard a password. But, in order to prevent the program from simply being quit, Activity Monitor must be completely disabled, which is done via FocusMe’s settings. This is normally fine, since I don’t often need to use Activity Monitor (and, when I do, I can ask my roommate to enter the FocusMe password).

However, it’d be much more convenient if there were a way to disable quitting specific processes - namely the FocusMe process - within Activity Monitor itself (or perhaps through third-party software), rather than having to completely block the application from being used. That way, I could use Activity Monitor when I need it without having to worry about being tempted to quit FocusMe.

Is this at all possible?

(Note: I included the “parental-controls” tag because it’s a related topic, but I actually don’t plan on using the built-in Parental Controls in System Preferences.)

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