My iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot (first one in the screenshot) is shown with a different icon from any other hotspots (Android, broadband etc).

enter image description here

This doesn't bother me except I need to manually re-connect my Mac to the hotspot whenever it's restarted/woke up from sleep, instead of it auto-connecting like other Wi-Fi hotspots.

Anyway to get my Mac to auto-reconnect?


iPhone 6 iOS running iOS 11.2
MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra

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    Same appleId on both devices? If so, you shouldn’t need to connect. – Tyson Apr 19 '18 at 2:02

Go to Sytem Preferences>Network>Wi-Fi>Advanced>Wi-Fi and drag the item with hotspot name to the top. This will prioritize that Wifi network over any other network.

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