I can easily bold, italicize, and underline words...but I really want to be able to style my emails.

Are there mail apps that: * support colors (mandatory) * free or low cost preferred

Nice to have are: * full "html editor" built into the email client to change fonts, font size, color, alignment, etc.

Can someone recommend options?


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I do this so seldom, that I use another editor to compose what I need and then copy/paste. On the iPad, you have split screen so you can edit in one larger pane and then compose the main in a smaller pane.

Here are my editing apps of choice:

  • Notes - free and powerful
  • Coda - HTML powerhouse
  • GoodNotes - more for note taking, but handwriting to text is so awesome, I had to include it
  • Drafts - pure writing power
  • Pages - also free and powerful

Each has different strengths.

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