In Preview.app for macOS 10.13.3, how do I remove a tag from the drop-down menu and add additional colour tag, other than the few shown? I made a tag which I want to remove from the drop-down menu. Also, I wonder if it is possible to add custom colors to tags?

  • Did you try anything in System Preferences > Finder > Tags? If so, what? If not, try there. – bjbk Apr 12 '18 at 12:14

The tags shown when saving or modifying a file are Finder tags, not specific to Preview, etc.

Go to Finder → Preferences, then choose the Tags tab.

Click on a tag, then choose – to remove it.

Tag colours can be changed by right-clicking on a tag in the list and choosing a new colour for it.

Drag your favourite tags to the area below to make them available for quick use in Finder menus.

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