I know the trick with "show package contents" and I've gone to: $ECLIPSE_HOME/Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS

However, the file in there is 'eclipse', rather than 'eclipse.ini'

Furthermore, when I open this file, sublime suggests that this is an application and shows me the hexadecimal values... When I switch to UTF-8, I can see SOME English but most of it is still garbled...

How to open this file properly (and why it's not .ini like all of the internet says it is?)?


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Well, I've gone crazy and actually searched for the eclipse.ini file. I've actually found it in:

It's amazing how much advice on the internet (including eclipse.org!) points to:

It must have been true at some point but perhaps with newer versions, this is not necessarily true anymore, which is why I would like to keep this question and this answer despite the basic mistake - in order to inform other people with the same problem.

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    Older versions of Eclipse were not packaged as proper Mac applications and had the eclipse.ini in Contents/MacOS. Versions from 4.5 onwards are proper Mac apps and the ini is in Contents/Eclipse
    – greg-449
    Apr 11, 2018 at 7:32

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