I would like to improve my typing. Currently, I start web dev with vim. I use one of the feature called split, which create new window for me. then we need to hit Control+ W to move around cursors. I find myself vary awkward hit press the control key and w key at the same time, pinky for control key and ring for w key.

I understand there is one correct answer to this question. I would like to know how you guys do it. I definitely will find useful tips to improve the typing overall. Thank you so much in advance.

edit: Ok, I need to specific, I am using MacbookPro 2016, which only have left control key. (I wish we could modify the right option key to act as a control key, but the left option key stays the same)

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On the Apple Magic keyboard, I use my left thumb for the command key, and my left ring finger for any bottom row keys to the left of that. For command W, I use my thumb and middle finger. For control W I use my ring and middle finger - all on the left hand.


I'm sure there are as many answers as fingers...

If I've got one hand on the mouse, then left hand; ring; middle.

If I've both hands on the keyboard then I'd use the right Ctrl key instead, right hand pinky; left hand, ring.


You can use karabiner-elements to remap just the right option key to control.

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