On macOS, I can choose Add Bookmarks for These 108 Tabs... which let's me save all open tabs to a bookmarks folder.

Is there an equivalent on iOS?

My workaround is to use iCloud tabs to copy the tabs from iOS to macOS and then do the above.

edit: as of iOS 13 this function is built in. See answer below.



Not sure but maybe with "Workflow" app ? But I really don't think that that's a thing on iOS. Consider submitting a feedback for it so it might get included one day.

September 2019:

As of iOS 13 you can add all the open tabs in bookmark, here is a screenshot of safari I just did

iOS 13 safari update, allows all tabs to be added as bookmarks

  • Good idea to try Workflow. Let me know if you have any specific ideas. – Matt Sephton Apr 9 '18 at 22:34
  • 1
    I checked and there's nothing relevant in Workflow. – Matt Sephton Apr 12 '18 at 7:03
  • Thanks for updating, but I don't understand the language. – ankii Sep 22 at 16:35

According to MacRumors, this functionality is coming in Safari 13, which will be released with iOS 13, presumably some time this autumn. So if your iOS version is 13 or higher, long-press on the bookmark icon at the bottom of the Safari window and select “Add bookmarks for [x] tabs”.

  • Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for it – Matt Sephton Jul 27 at 9:52

You can find the cloud tabs in ~/Library/Safari/CloudTabs.db. Copy this file to some unrestricted location, like Downloads. Use ‘DB Browser for SQLite’ to open the file.

With the following query you'll get your devices:

select * from cloud_tab_devices

Copy the device_uuid for the iOS device you want to save.

Using this you can run the next query to get a list of the tabs:

select url from cloud_tabs where device_uuid='...'

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