On Linux (or X in general), it's possible to move a window while holding down a modifier key (Alt+drag or Super+drag) and clicking on ANY part of the window.

This makes moving windows super easy, as one doesn't have to aim so well ;)

On macOS (High Sierra), this doesn't seem to be enabled/possible by default.

How do I enable this or what add on do I need?


You can use the free utility called "Easy Move+Resize", which allows you to use Cmd + Ctrl + Left click anywhere inside a window to move it. The modifier keys can be customized so that you can choose for example Alt + Left click instead.

You can download the utility from here:


Read under the heading "Installation".

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  • Excellent, this tool works fine for me :) Resizing sometimes doesn't seem to work so well, but that's not as important as dragging - which DOES work :) – Alexander Skwar Apr 9 '18 at 8:05
  • You might also checkout HammerSpoon (hammerspoon.org). If you are not afraid to edit an init file you customize it to your personal use. It does window re-sizing and placement with configurable keyboard commands no clicking required. – ArchonOSX Apr 9 '18 at 15:35

If you have High Sierra or later you can do this natively with macOS, no 3rd party app required:

Run this command in terminal to enable Ctrl + Cmd + Click in any window to move. Restart after.

# to add
defaults write -g NSWindowShouldDragOnGesture -bool true   

Run this command in terminal to remove this functionality. Restart after.

# to remove
defaults delete -g NSWindowShouldDragOnGesture

sourced from http://www.mackungfu.org/UsabilityhackClickdraganywhereinmacOSwindowstomovethem

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  • This works great! – Cameron Bieganek Aug 7 '19 at 19:01
  • This is definitely the right answer – meh Sep 3 '19 at 19:50

The best application for this is Zooom2. Unfortunately in 2016 the author shut down the project [1] and the only place to download it is off of 3rd party mirror sites [2]. Luckily it's still working in OS X High Sierra as of this writing. It's a shame that the author did not open source his work.

[1] http://coderage-software.com/index.html

[2] https://download.cnet.com/Zooom/3000-18487_4-126030.html

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BetterTouchTool has worked for me forever for this with no hiccups. Still ok on Mojave Beta 18E184e. It's got lots of other useful stuff, none of which I've used.

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