We have a Mid 2015 retina MBP that I am trying to restore some data from a Time Machine backup to. This is a business, so we save TM backups to a NAS (network attached storage) device. Yesterday I tried loading Time Machine via "Enter Time Machine" and browsing to the date in question, but it sat at "Waiting" for over 3 hours. I rebooted the NAS and tried again, but nothing changed: Time Machine never gets past 'Waiting'

Since the issue is either with the NAS or the network, I figured I'd copy out the Time Machine data, then try and restore it. However, I cannot find a way to do this. I copied out a 500 GB "Username-MBP.Sparsebundle" file which is a disk image. I can mount it via Disk Utility and browse the file system, but the data is not old enough (it's from March 21).

How can I "browse" the .Sparebundle image file with Time Machine to find what we need? Thank you.

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