I have 2 different size monitors that I am using in dual monitor setup. While switching from the larger to the smaller, often times the mouse pointer is stuck at the bottom corner between the monitors.

Is there a setting somewhere that I can set so that this annoying issue doesn't happen?

A quick video showing the annoying state.


Open system preferences, click 'displays', and then click the 'arrangement' tab. Here you will see a scaled down representation of your displays' positions relative to one another. Drag the displays around until the mouse switches over at the correct position. For your case, it'll probably look something like this: enter image description here


Sadly this is just the default behavior. In their defense, it's the same in Windows.

There is a native way to get around it... though it's pretty useless if you ask me. It'll go through to the other screen if you bash the cursor to the corner fast. It doesn't have to be super fast, but fast enough that you will get stuck there most of the time anyway.

I've never been able to find a third party app that handles this quite the way I want.

There are many applications that move your mouse to another screen via shortcut, but those have never interested me personally.

I think the most useful application I have found to get around this issue is Mouse Warp 2. Although if you don't use Cmd+Tab to switch apps, it is kinda useless. It warps your mouse to the center of the active window when you switch to it. It also has the option to only warp the mouse cursor if the activated application is on a different screen.

I'll also mention MouseBeam because it sort of gets closer to the ideal behavior... though it falls short in many ways. At least that is my personal opinion. Like when you see that second screenshot you're like "This is it!". In all likelihood, it's not though.

Mousebeam shortcomings:

  • It seems to fail very often in my use.
  • Most of the time changing any setting seems to require a logout at the very least.
  • There is a small delay before you can move your cursor again
  • It can only move your mouse to the other screen vertically centered or vertically and horizontally centered. As someone who has use Display Fusion on Windows... It leaves a lot to be desired. It's not the smooth transition that you'd like to have.

As a side note: DisplayFusion is a Windows application with the desired feature. I'm just mentioning for reference...


The mouse pointer stuck problem that you are experiencing is due to the way the monitors are aligned respective to each other.

Open System Preferences app → Displays → Arrangement and adjust the relative locations of the connected displays. Notice the layout of monitors as depicted.

The mouse pointer will only be able to switch between screens where the corners are aligned and there's a continuous path for the pointer to move. This pattern hold for whatever relative placement you choose for the two or more monitors. (For e.g., if one display is placed vertically above another, you'll not be able to move the mouse pointer to another display by moving it sideways, but towards top/bottom of screen).

Once the pattern is understood, you'll no longer face the mouse pointer stuck issue.

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