Searching for tagged content within a notebook in OneNote for Windows is straightforward. There's a Find Tags menu option.

Find tags in OneNote for Windows

This option does not seem to exist in OneNote for Mac 2016. There's nothing to the right of To Do Tag. Therefore, you can't search your notebook for "discuss with manager", for instance.

Tag example


This functionality is not (yet) available in OneNote for Mac.

Since I also use Visio and Project, I have a Windows VM with OneNote also installed. From there, I use the "Find Tag" feature and create a new page with the To-Do tags and then allow it to sync to my Mac and iPhone.

It's very cludgy, but for now, it works.


I am subscribed to be an early user/tester of early release versions. The version I have on mac allows you to search tags in the same area you would search for words. It allows you to search pages or search Tags. Finally!!

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