I don‘t use mobile phone call and text messaging any longer but I need to keep cellular data / internet running since FaceTime, WhatsApp replace sms and cellular calls with better quality.

To implement that strategy I currently use a secondary sim card from my father. The upside is that it’s entirely free, the downside is that I get his phone calls, too. I plan to move to an individual solution some time in the future, this setting was to test whether or not pure-internet communication mode would be feasible.

Is there any way you are aware of to entirely and cleanly switch off the phone and text-message functions of the iPhone without affecting any other functions?


Some carrier can provide sim card that cellular data only.
Mainly used for iPad notebook and IoT device .
You can use it for your iPhone to get the results you want.


You can use the iPhone as an Internet connected device SIM free, i.e. without any SIM card into the device. You'll only need a SIM card plugged in when activating the device after a reset.

Another option would be to turn on Airplane mode which will turn off the cellular functionality. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be turned on while Airplane mode is active. More details can be found in the Apple Support article, Use Airplane Mode on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch.

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