I have a regular sized 9.7" iPad. I want to be able to read text on it while running on a treadmill, from a distance of 1-2 feet.

From this distance, it is difficult to read as the text is too small. I work around it by increasing the font size. For apps like iBooks, it isn't a problem as there's a setting to adjust font size. However I usually read in a browser (usually Google Chrome or Google Search app). Unlike desktop versions, there doesn't seem to be any setting for changing font size. Google searches have led me to believe that I can change the font size in the iOS Settings app and that these apps should respect that change, but they don't appear to do so.

How do I make the font size changes to read text from a distance.

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    I built a custom iPad holder for my treadmill. A piece of lucite with a rim to hold iPad at bottom, and a couple holes drilled through top so as to thread rope attach to readout panel. Design will vary by exact unit, but mine works pretty well. If too complex, I think they sell gooseneck style iPad holders up to a couple feet long. You just have to figure hoe to attach to your treadmill and it'll hold your iPad stable wherever you want it. – Wayfaring Stranger Apr 3 '18 at 1:47

If you are not adverse to reading articles using Safari, many websites can be viewed in Reader Mode. From here you can adjust the font size along with the actual font and background color too.

Reader Mode options iOS

Larger font

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