I just upgraded to 10.13.4, and every time I reboot or login I get the "Setting up your Mac" screen. It also adds the default apps to the dock (such as Siri and Downloads folder). If I remove those two and log out or reboot, the next time I log in I get the same "Setting up your Mac" as well as the default apps again. This happens on two machines I have; a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro.

Has anyone else seen this behavior and, more importantly, have a fix for it? Or is it just a bug in 10.13.4?

  • No such problem on my 10.3.4 Mac. You didn't leave a copy of the Installer in the App folder, did you? That might mess with startup. Neither Siri or Downloads folder are in my dock. – Wayfaring Stranger Jan 9 '19 at 3:55

I have the same problem for a while. One of the reasons may be third-party security software, e.g. ESET Cyber Security.

Uninstalling it might work for you, though it didn't for me. I've uninstalled ESET but mbp High Sierra still brings back icons (Siri, Maps, iBooks, Photos).

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