I've enabled iChat and iCal Server through our local 10.7.2 Server which has DNS set up correctly. I can add the server account via a client's System Preferences (under other - Mac OS X server) and it authenticates with my shortname correctly.

System Preferences add Server Account Dialoge

However, when I load iChat, I get this error message: iChat error message

Where the account is myusername@servername.ourdomain.co.nz. The password and username is correct.

Console throws this error:

22/11/11 3:03:31.135 PM imagent: [Warning] XMPPConnection: Error: Error Domain=XMPPErrorDomain Code=105 "The operation couldn�t be completed. (XMPPErrorDomain error 105.)" UserInfo=0x7f81bbe2a3e0 {XMPPErrorText=service requested for unknown domain}

DNS is set up correctly (it's working for Profile Management, Software Update Server and Web Services) but I can't get iChat to work correctly.

How can I get clients to authenticate?

FYI: It's probably worth noting that I get the exact same error messages when I use username@domain.co.nz instead of username@servername.domain.co.nz.

Also posted this question on Apple Discussion here.


This question was answered on Apple Discussions. In short, the server was misconfigured to have the Jabber Domain set to the local DNS name - rather than a FQDN.

The problem was fixed by issuing the following terminal command:

sudo serveradmin settings jabber jabber:hosts:_array_index:0 = "servername.domain.co.nz"

You can check this discussion for full details. Thankyou sfatula on Apple Discussions for the solution!

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