My Mac gave me a pop up that asked "bin needs to download the font “Nanum Myeongjo” I clicked it away and ran Malwarebytes which found and quarantined "Adware.Spigot". Am I fine? Should I still be worried? I am using 10.12.6 on a 2015 Macbook Pro 15 inch.

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Nanum Myeongjo is a free Google font. When a program asks to download a font, it is because it is because it calls for it but it is missing from your font library. This is a normal behavior, but you can ignore it if you want.

The Adware.Spigot is most likely unrelated to the font and is not a virus, but it is Adware. Adware is not a virus, but it can be considered Malware, which is an unwanted program. I would recommend removing it.

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